Wanna Know How To Trade?

Easy! 4 Steps To Sell your products & Monitor Your Cashflow.

At SelitalNaija, every vendor is treated with utmost importance. As a professional in the business world, listed below are the core steps to follow while you create a store with us.
These steps will help you grow and be influential.

List and register Your Products

Deliver your Products with ease

Sell your Products

Get Paid and Increase your Income

Be a merchant with a token

All Is Secured And Transparent

As a vendor, you will be actively involved on the market platform. Your opinion and interest on every matter will be protected.

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Limited Promo

The management, SelitalNaija has proposed a free vendor registration for interest persons.

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Final Value Fee

The value fee is a token paid by vendors to SelitalNaija for the maintenance of the market platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get All Answers To Your Questions On How To Register A Brand, Sell A Product & Get Paid

How can I add new products?

In SelitalNaija, every vendor has full right to his store as well as his products. You have every right to add new products to your store. You also have the liberty to affect the price of your products.

How can I know stock?

SelitalNaija operates with a modern technology that will enable you to monitor your products on the market platform.
Vendors can track their products with SKU - Stock Keeping Unit

How do I get paid?

When registering as a vendor, you are requested to input your payment details. You will receive your payment from any of these:
Mastercard, Visa, Flutterwave, GIG

Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop?

YES! This is an important part of owing a store on SelitalNaija platform. You will be requested to input information regarding payments.